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Listed below are several of our recent successful loan transactions.  These examples better illustrate the wide range of our corporate financing capabilities.   
A growing ERP technolgy consultant used Capital Advisors to finance a business buyout
$20 million for a business acquisition loan secured by the billed and unbilled accounts receivables.  The company used the loan to finance a partner buyout.  By fully leveraging the company's assets wth the new loan facility, the company avoided using expensive mezzanine lien financing.  The loan facility delivered more money at better terms than the traditional bank financing that was available.
Technology Company-McLean Virgina
Biotechnology manufacturer used leasing to aquire laboratory and manufacturing equipment
$2.3 Million  for an operating lease with off balance sheet financing was used to assist with new equipment purchases.  The company has been a dedicated customer for over ten years.
Bitechnology Company-Manassas, Virginia
Distribution Company used Capital Advisors to refinance an existing line of credit and a commercial real estate loan
$2 Million for a business credit line and a 3.0 Million real estate loan to assist with large newly awarded  contracts.  Capital Advisors Corporation arranged financing securing the accounts receivables, inventory and purchase orders.  The new loan facilities provided additional needed capital and had lower rates than the existing debt.
Distributiion Company-Fredericksburg, Virginia 
A national grocery store chain used Capital Advisors LLC for expansion   

$15 Million loan to purchase three large retail stores located in Chicago Illinios
$18 Million to refinance a retail  shopping center located in Alexandria Virginia
$7 Million to purchase a retail shopping center located in Atlanta Georgia
$5 Million to refinance a warehouse located in Washington DC
$4 Million to refinance a refrigerated warehouse located in Lanham Maryland
The company has been client for more than seven years. 
The$$5Million ot T

Grocery Store Chain -Annandale, Virginia