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Our Financing Services
Business Credit Lines  
  • Credit lines for working capital and  business operations
  • Loans secured by accounts receivables, inventory and purchase orders to help your business grow
  • Cash flow based loans
  • Credit lines for business acquisitions
  • International and Export Financing 
  • Facilities available from $500,000 to $50 million

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Loans for Government Contractors
  • Credit lines and term loan financing for businesses selling to the federal, state and local governments and large corporate clients
  • For Federal Goverment contractors , manufacturing, technology and ERP companies  
  • May be able to secure against billed and unbilled accounts receivables, so that, the business can borrow more than traditional bank lending allows
  • Loans from $500,000 to $50 million or more

Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Competative loans for commercial real estate of all types including office buildings, manufacturing, retail and special use properties
  • For projects with credit worthy tenants, we may be able to secure long term lending without recourse to the borrower  
  • Sale-leasebacks for commercial real estate and manufacturing facilities
  • Recourse real estate loans start at $1 million    
  • Non-recourse loans start at $5 million

Equipment Lending
  • Loans and leasing for equipment of all types including manufacturing equipment and software with fast approvals
  • Term loans, capital leases and operating leases with off balance sheet financing are available for up to 100% of equipment cost
  • Supplier equipment leasing programs are available with customized terms
  • For amounts from $25,000 to $50 million or more